I’m Rachel, a twenty-something English grad student living in Knoxville, Tennessee, born and bred in rural Alabama. I like griping, cussing, telling stories, radical leftist politics and drinking bourbon. This blog is my feeble attempt to make sense of what it means to be Southern without falling into either fatalistic resignation or problematic pride. Or, bluntly, a space for me to bitch and moan and tell silly stories. They’re always explicit and sometimes they’re even true.

I started this blog because I have things to say. I lived in New Orleans at the blog’s inception, and the people I was surrounded by didn’t necessarily get it. Hopefully, if you’re reading Southern stories and commentary, you do.

The title “Snake and Tree” comes from the Alabama proverb that if you hang a dead snake in a tree it’ll bring rain. These stories are the snake. The rain is making peace with this broke South. The header image–that ugly-ass floral–is from Faulkner’s wallpaper in the guest room of his Oxford, Mississippi home, Rowan Oak.

If you have any questions, concerns, complaints, or just want to bitch email me at: